Discover 7 different types of street art


Graffiti street artists are noted for bringing life to the streets via their graffiti ideas and ingenuity. Street art may be seen in cities all around the world. While some are created by well-known artists, others are created by undiscovered skilled artists who enjoy sharing their work without asking anything in return. Although street art is commonly referred to as wall painting or spray paint art, or a graffiti letters but there are many distinct styles of street art seen all over the world. The following are the top seven styles of street art that you will frequently see on city streets.


It stretches back to the ancient Egyptian and Greek times and has a long and distinguished history. Graffiti may be used to convey a message or just to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a blank wall.


Sculptures are three-dimensional works of art presented in public spaces by artists. Carving, modelling, and casting are only a few of the processes used in sculpture. A number of sharp implements are used to carve various materials such as stones, wood, and bones. Most of the sculptures are related to political, religious, or historical events.

Poster art

Poster art is a form of two-dimensional creative drawing that is printed or created on a piece of paper. The artists produce posters with their innovative painting and calligraphic talents. These posters are affixed to the walls or hung vertically at various events for the benefit of the audience. Today, computer technologies may be used to make poster art, which can then be printed on paper.

3D wall graffiti

3D wall graffiti’s are one of the most popular styles of street art that draws customers. It provides the impression that the art items are protruding from the wall. Artists invest time and effort to mastering this technique before venturing to the streets. This art captivates both children and adults, resulting in 3D wall graffiti artists earning significantly more money.

Sticker street art

Some artists have brought this notion to the streets, based on a childhood habit of putting stickers to our hands and books. They create eye-catching stickers in various sizes and place them on trees, lampposts, buildings, and seats across the city. Some stickers are designed to be easily removed, while others are intended to be left on for an extended amount of time.

Spray paint murals

Many painters choose to use spray paints to create paintings directly on the walls. These are known as murals, and they are generally representations of the painters’ abstract thoughts. It looks cooler on the walls, and some of the paintings may even appear realistic.

Sideway chalk art

Many painters have the ability to paint realistic pictures on the pavements. You could think you see a real man standing across the street, but when you go closer, you’ll notice it’s only an extended piece of sidewalk art. The most basic kind of sidewalk art is the creation of fake potholes.


Visual art done in public places for public viewing is known as street art. The labels “independent art,” “post-graffiti,” “neo-graffiti,” and “guerrilla art” have all been used to describe it.


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