Rastplatz Mosigkauer Heide, A 9, Raguhn-Jeßnitz, Sajonia-Anhalt 06779, Alemania


Planes flying over the bathroom walls in the parking lot.

The artworks are mural paintings, which are mainly depicting the airplane both in the air and in the landing strip. The artist uses the same color pallet of bright colors in all the paintings that are the reason one can easily assume that all the paintings were done by one artist. The details on the paintings are more focused on the planes and not on the environment making it the point of emphasis while the other objects and figures in the painting space are subordination just to support the subject matter and the focal point of the painting. The proportioning of the objects compared to other figures and objects in the painting space is off for instance, the in the painting with the portrait figure of a man and the plane, the size of the door in the wall is smaller than the head of the figure. This means that the scale is not used in the painting with some figures way larger than normal and others smaller than normal.

Finally, the artist mastered the art of spacing and depth in the painting enabling the viewers to visualize all aspects and dimensions of the painting and appear more realistic when viewed. Shadows are also included in the paintings with the sources of light in different positions.

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