C. San Agustín, 9, 45800 Quintanar de la Orden, Toledo, España

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Perseus, demigod, son of Zeus and mortal mother, Danae.

Polidectes, who had fallen in love with Danae, thought that Perseus was in the way of his plans and threatened him with cutting off his mother's head if he did not bring him the head of Medusa, one of the three gorgons that inhabited the island of Seriphos.

The gods would decide to help Perseus in his difficult task, Athena gave him a shield that was a mirror, Hades gave him a helmet that would make him invisible when he wore it, Hermes gave him sandals that would become wings to fly, and Hephaestus gave him gave an indestructible sword.

Medusa was a monster that turned everyone who looked at her into stone, so Perseus took out his shield as a mirror so as not to look at Medusa directly and thus managed to cut off the gorgon's head.

Later, Perseus, using the head of Medusa, turned Atlas, Phineus, Polydectes and all those who opposed him to stone.

the technique used was spray and the windows are illuminated by the signatures of great graffiti artists.

la tecnica usada fue spray y las cristaleras estan iluminadas por las firmas de grandes graffiteros. El rojo de las cristaleras representa el horror de la decapitacion y los amarillos la esperanza.

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