The street art as a permanent exhibition.

Everywhere we look in the history of art, we must find evidence of Peter Paul Rubens; the artist who is said to have been the first to invent the rainbow in painting.

Without Rubens’ drawings, how, for example, would Van Dyck, Poussin, and others develop? Would nineteenth-century Orientalism have taken its well-known form were it not for Rubens’ early and exciting paintings of the scenes of the beheading of Medusa and the love story of Venus and Adonis, as well as the splendor of the paintings of crocodile and the Tiger and Lion Hunting? Picasso would not have painted Dora Maar crying if he had not seen Rubens’ example of the scourge of war in his painting Consequences of War.

Without Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, Titian would not have painted his Assomption Vierge Marie Rise to Heaven, and without all the stages, we went through, it would not have been able to pass the fingerprints of many artists of all ages without leaving their own, until the era of Metaverse.

Which helped to lay the foundations and the flourishing of modern and contemporary art, including street art, by commemorating each year on April 15, World Art Day, by strengthening the links between artistic creations and society.

To encourage greater awareness of the diversity of artistic expression and highlight the contribution of street art artists to sustainable development and continue to carry the flame of creativity for all generations.

Between the art and the suggestion of digital, eternal paintbrushes.

It is claimed that the beginnings of the street art date back to prehistoric times, when the first man painted on the walls of caves images that are incarnations of his dreams and visions, and they are presented as great symbols, that immortalize hunting journeys and the capture of wild animals.

Centuries later, this art is represented in expressive drawings of all aspects of life that depict imaginary and real forms and small details, not only connecting our world to mythical ideas, but offering people a different dimension of experienced reality.

One of the ideas that frequently comes up in street art is the recreation of a proper living space and other visions.

This is not surprising if we remember that all forms of art, until two hundred years ago, were linked to the philosophy of beauty and the transmission of color in the human environment through painting on the ceilings and walls of churches, palaces and houses.

For street artworks, symbolism, abstraction and surrealism can be seen as extensions of this.

Graffiti paintings, various techniques, innovative modern dimensions and dreamlike images of surrealism depict a world without rules and allow strange aspects, considering that the works that adorn the walls of quarters enhance the material, immaterial and mysterious existence and provide a more spacious space.

The art of drawing is a talent that has a sense of nobility and uniqueness, and in fact, there is great value in the act of drawing and making a work of art means seeing things and the universe around us with different minds that are representative of all schools, tendencies and styles of art.

Any work of art can be considered a creative masterpiece when it includes an intellectual value that remains and endures over time, when it arouses in the recipient a sense of pleasure or enthusiasm and interest.

From the very beginning, the initiative we launched on our website aiming at valuing and preserving the collective rights of the entire world’s art mural works and the ones that are in danger of disappearing or being destroyed.

Insisted on relying on technology and the latest facilities of the digital age in order to make these works manifest in the framework form of a virtual museum.

Speaking of the success stages of our initiative, we seek to make the description of the valuable project we are striving to achieve simplified, concise and useful, without being pretentious or using, any complex academic approaches.

From time to time we come across digital images and designs on the Internet that show a set of different and exquisite graphics, shapes, geometric sizes and colors that harmonize with each other in a NFT system that is not without a touch of creativity and attractiveness.

Today, this particular type of digital art has become an integral art, and there are global platforms that adopt this type of contemporary art, to choose the best and oldest format or the most distinctive and creative, in accordance with the era of digital revolution, to what has become generally known as the Third Web.

This art has been acquiring its wide audience and admirers, and some artist who excelled in this field have emerged and become more famous, by giving benefit to their creations, registering them in the Blockchain system as a way to secure their property rights and keep them safe, from any damages regardless of the ages that have passed.

Above all, to achieve a financial profit from the outcome of these enterprises to contribute to the development of the business side.

We generally focus on street art in which we see it as an extension of our personalities or as a representation of our nature, our ideas and our perceptions of what is important in our existence.

We are honored to highlight this initiative on World Art Day on our official website in order to celebrate the achievement of our journey in raising street art and establishing a library and museum on a private digital network.

 Believing that art is a diversion that enriches our spirits, connects people to each other, and deals with histories that have shaped the path of humankind over the centuries.


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